Hey, unless she does the lip-lock plunge that puts your head in a spin, consider these guidelines.

  • Model what she does and stay a step behind such as, don’t be too aggressive to get a kiss on the first date.
  • We know you want one badly, guys, but hold on there, cowboy. Let her spring it on you first.
  • Of course, create several opportunities for her to pucker up and plant one on you.
  • Keep close, hug, walk/sit/stand closely. You get the idea.
  • Otherwise, sticking your tongue down her throat on the first date isn’t something she wants, so, control yourself.
  • It’s always best to lead a woman into you by putting out the right vibes, but let her do all the decision making, such as, “I so want to kiss him …” Guys, that’s the place to be in 24/7 with a gal.

Guys/gals, what do you think? Feel free to comment below?


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