Guys, when you’re out on that first date or future dates, make sure you’re not doing these things that don’t impress her. Let’s make a great first impression and then some! Don’t do these things!

  1. Don’t overdo it by calling her sexy all the time because women do not feel sexy all the time. It just makes you look shallow and/or have a limited vocabulary. Be original when flattering her.
  2. Don’t flaunt all of your finer qualities such as a new car, finances, household servants, etc. You get the picture. Allow her to get to know YOU and not your resume.
  3. Don’t send junk mail or off-color jokes until you know that she appreciates that kind of humor.
  4. Don’t call her disingenuous names such as babe, sweetie, honey bun, darlin’, scooter, unless you know that she really wants to be called “baby cakes” for the rest of your relationship.
  5. Don’t use foul language. There really never is an excuse for cursing. That’s doesn’t mean if you pound your thumb with a hammer you can’t respond with the appropriate expletive.
  6. Bad mouthing women and talking about some you have dated will get you nowhere. Negative talk is never good.
  7. Always treat women with respect. You are not their judge and jury. Don’t belittle or chastise. They are adults too.


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