Men, cultivate a romantic nature within you and watch her fall absolutely in love with you over and over, again and again! Say these things to her and keep them in your mind all the time … Here’s how!

  • “You are already beautiful to me … I love every part of you: mind, heart, body and soul.”
  • “You are as perfect as Mother Nature had intended you to be … as your mind, heart and your body were perfectly made for me …”
  • “Every part of you, every curve, dimple, nerve, ending and beginning, word you speak, and every thought you think … they are mine to hear and obey.”
  • “There is nothing about you I don’t love, cherish or seek throughout my lifetime … It is you I want and only you.”
  • “Your warmth, your arms, your eyes, the way you hold me, the way you support me in ways no other woman can … I love you.”
  • “Your beauty, eternal; nothing lasts a lifetime except my love for you.”
  • “We men – we fight for nothing, quest for nothing, live for nothing, but for your love, attention, companionship and touch.”
  • “You we crave; you we die for; you we fight for; you we war over; you we long for; you we live for … You are everything to us. You are our motivation. You fuel our drive to live … just for you.”

Guys, there’s something to sweeping a woman off her feet Every once in awhile, surprise her, pick her up and relive that honeymoon or special occasion when you both first met.

On another note … In becoming more romantic, more passionate and more of a wonderful mystery to your woman … We need to take time ’n’ shake off all the B.S. that latches on to our minds and hearts living life in the world today. Let’s take a trip back to a time when life was simple, and all there was, was the two of you …

Submerge yourself into songs of passion, romance, life and love. Musical genres don’t matter … They can be Latin guitar, hard rock, classical, new age, country, you name it. If it moves you, that’s all you’ll need to get started. Put on a song or two or three … Listen for a favorite lyric of a song that moves your heart in the right place and then maybe a beat or two more. Listen for the drums pounding like your heartbeat for her (getting close to her). Hear the sounds of vocals, words and a message calling out lines of your love for her … Imagine you’re performing for her!

Let the music take over you, conditioning your mind, body and soul into becoming a greater man, a greater lover, a greater defender and deliverer of love to the woman you choose to love for the rest of your life.


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