Ever want to get back together with an old mate, lover or hot flame? It’s easy, but you have to be more than careful this time around!

  • Don’t make the same mistakes twice. Know where you (both) went wrong (and right)!
  • Double your respect for certain, sensitive situations that got you “in the doghouse” in the first place.
  • Take it slow. You already know a lot about each other – learn what’s new! It’s like attending an old school, but with new rules!
  • Double your affections for one another – show you really care and you really want your relationship to “make it” this time!
  • Communicate (openly) more than you ever did with the person in your previous situations. Don’t settle into the old ways of dealing with issues – that’ll just put you back on the street again!
  • Travel in a new direction (together). Add new events, spice up your lives and add new ideas to your relationship. Do things differently than you did before. You may be with an old flame, but this is a whole new relationship – treat it that way!


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FIND THE ONE FOR ME author, Bart Smith, shares his outlooks on life, experiences, romantic philosophies, deep research and sharp observations in the areas of healthy, loving and happy relationships. His intent? To encourage every man and woman to have high levels of optimism that there REALLY IS SOMEONE out there for EVERYONE! He believes that with the right preparation and open communication, singles using the principles found inside FIND THE ONE FOR ME will be empowered with new dating skills and the art of finding the ONE for them to love and be loved.

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