Couple Holding Hands is an online
dating/matchmaking website based on
the principles in my relationship books:

Find The One For Me by Bart Smith

251+ Dating & Relationship Regrets by Bart Smith

Watch Out Ladies by Bart Smith

Laws Of The Bedroom by Bart Smith

B.S. The Book by Bart Smith

Who's Hungry? by Bart Smith

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LAST UPDATED: 12/26/18

INTENTIONS: Real people, looking for real, meaningful, and passionate relationships based on the life, relationship and intimacy principles I write about that are designed to keep hearts safe, our lives fulfilled with someone by your side (if that’s what you wish), and our love lives rockin’ every day and night!

I’d say that’s a great way to describe how I think, write, how I strive to live and hope I can inspire others to live life that way as well. With passion, meaning, fulfillment, integrity, trust, and so much more.

Are you on board with that way of thinking? Then, if you’re single I’d say you’re a perfect “match” to join my online dating/matchmaking website, (FTOFM).

Located in Los Angeles, CA, FTOFM, is based on what I write about and on so many levels. While you may not have read or heard of my books YET, just looking over some of the titles above I’d like to think they easily pique your curiosity, right?

You can quickly find out more about my relationship (and other) books and listen to sample audio excerpts, which I recorded for you, at my other websites:

Check ‘em out and get a hold of them. I know you won’t be disappointed, in fact, you’ll probably say to yourself, “Where do I find someone who’s in line with your way of thinking/writing, Bart? I’ve been single for far too long!” Hence why I had the idea back in 2003 that one day I would build my own dating/matchmaking website for real people looking for real relationships.

So, at this juncture, I’m working on things behind the scenes to bring this website to life in just a few weeks! Since I do all my own design work, layout, copy-writing, and preparations for the site, it’s all on my shoulders to help you FIND THE ONE for you, and hopefully, through the help of this website and my books/audio.

So, if you’re interested, while I prepare this site to go live, why not opt-in to my list and GET NOTIFIED when I launch! Until then, check out my books and get ready to FIND THE ONE for you! I know he/she is out there waiting to meet you … I just know it!
Bart Smith
Bart Smith, Founder/Author

P.S. What’s with the chocolate chip cookies, you ask? Yeah, it’s for real. I really do bake the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookies. These cookies are how our lives, sex and relationships should be: decadent, heavenly, orgasmic, devine … Check out what 300+ other folks think of them at:

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