Here’s a great, quick list to think about when choosing a soulmate.

  • Choose your life’s mate carefully. From this one decision, will achieve 90% of all your happiness or misery.
  • Be your mate’s best friend, get out and do things.
  • Never forget your anniversary. (She won’t!)
  • Never walk out on a quarrel with your mate.
  • Choose someone who will help make the marriage work
  • Choose someone who is slow to anger.
  • Choose someone who lives life passionately like you.
  • Choose someone who will be a good mother / father.

Here are a few quick thoughts about the wedding ceremony and a few tips on overcoming a little potential wedding B.S.

  • Your wedding should be a joyous occasion, not a financial nightmare. Don’t get too caught up in spending too much money on your wedding. Save some for the honeymoon or a down payment on a house you both want.
  • Enjoy yourselves on your special occasion, while remaining “grounded” … Don’t let your emotions run too far from “reality.” After the honeymoon is over, so will be the fairy tale. Be prepared because life will eventually return to normal and then you’ll be living the dream. And, who said that the honeymoon has to end?
  • Try not to get distracted with all the preparations. Don’t let all the commotion of planning your wedding day overwhelm your common sense and ability to communicate with each other. Watch for bickering, little arguments and tiny, pointless finger-pointing sessions. Both of you need to listen to each other during the planning stages. You’re both stars in your new roles!
  • Avoid the hype. Invite a few close and wonderful friends and the parents to share this very special occasion with to share a wonderful celebration of heart and soul. Downsize your plans if it makes it easier/more affordable to manage. It’s the day that makes it everlasting, not the glitz and glamour. Of course, you want pictures that give you memories to cherish. What else do you really need?
  • Watch out for “postal-bride” depression, also known as “Honeymoon Hangover” Reality sets in; you miss the bling and the excitement. Well, soon you’ll be back on track and remembering that the wedding represented a new start in life for both of you. You’re still the same great couple.
  • Better to plan your new “life” together with the same energy you had for the wedding. Extend that joy out by planning the next few years and what you’re both working for.

These insights are shared with you with the intentions of hopefully preventing another statistic. Record numbers of marriages end in divorce (within 5 years). Love does not conquer all and neither does throwing money at a wedding. “Starter marriages” are B.S. Those are marriages where folks get married, get quick divorces, then “marry up” again. If you’re with the wrong person, and you know it, wouldn’t be better to just “wait”? Why marry when you can’t see a future?


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