Rebound relationships rarely work out. It’s better to be alone after a break up to figure out what went wrong, what you would have done differently and to take time to get that person out of your system and clear your mind, social setting, and to make room for someone new to come along who will treat you better.

Give yourself time to figure out what worked and what didn’t and what you’d change going forward. Keeping to yourself and spending some quality “alone” time can be good for you. Try it!
Don’t deny feelings of heartbreak, lack of fulfillment, perhaps anger, and more, but don’t labor over them either. Focus on the positives and what attracted you to the person in the first place so you are prepared for the next time he/she comes along and knocks on you off your feet with, “Hello.”

Even if you decided to remain friends following a breakup, distance yourself for a period of time to ensure that you feel good about yourself again. Sometimes a clean break is best and healthy. Not speaking to the other person again works wonders too for helping you move on and make room for someone new.

Don’t overcompensate by dating every person that asks you out or have a series of one night stands for sex only to get over your latest breakup. You’re better than that and deserve more from yourself. Abstain, remain celibate, and keep your body wrapped up when you go out! Well, you know, just for now. Later, maybe you can let your hair down and well, you know.

Consider talking to a professional if you can’t get past bitter emotion, anger, pain, and suffering. You may need help in order to heal. It’s okay. Millions of people seek help daily for what ails them emotionally and mentally. Go for it.


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