“If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you made me smile, I
would have the whole evening sky in the palm of my hand.”
– Unknown

Guys, as if you have to be reminded. Always and forever be romancing your gal in everything you do to, with and for her.

  • Make a wish that you each can grant one another and then do it.
  • Join the circus and forget the world for a day. Be kids again!
  • Hire a maid service for a day so you can relax. You both deserve it.
  • Serenade in song or musical instrument to show an artistic side.
  • Spice it up with Salsa dancing or something saucier!
  • Go boating on a gondola, canoe or take a dinner cruise.
  • Put a “bucket list” together to ensure you take time for adventure.
  • Order room service every time you can to pamper yourselves.
  • Play footsie even at inappropriate times to stir things up bit.
  • Shampoo her hair and be her friend for life! Women love this.
  • Lounge around and do nothing at all; totally relax; no phones.
  • Watch the sunrise and the sunset. Have fun in between times.
  • Star gaze together; make a wish on a falling star and be grateful.
  • Send flowers. Let them symbolize your love with a secret message.
  • Hug her like it’s the last one, then let you eyes say, “I love you!”
  • Keep your promises. Lavish promises often fail. Keep it simple.

How’s that list for keeping the romance alive between you two love birds? Can you add to it? Do so below in the comment section.

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