When it comes to romance, guys, here’s what the law says. The LAWS OF THE BEDROOM, that is. Follow these romantic guidelines and you’ll never fail to romance her right offer her feet every time.

  • Patience Romance cannot be rushed. No fast kissing, no rushing to the restaurant, no rushing into “doing it,” no hurry-up-’n’-go. Romance is not a race. Slow down, take your time, enjoy the “getting there” process. Savor every moment. Make romance last as long as possible.
  • Thoughtfulness – Take the time to carefully pick out each rose and every greeting card. The more time you take, the more thought and preparation going into the matter, arrangement, event, evening … the more she’ll see you care! Hearing the words isn’t enough anymore. A woman wants to see you care by what you do for her. Write her little notes, eMail her at work, pick up little gifts for her when you’re out of town. Thoughtfulness is being romantic!
  • SpontaneityDon’t plan everything you do with your gal. Occasionally, just “go for it!” If you do plan, certainly don’t tell her what you’re planning. Planning can be boring. Here’s the remedy. Don’t fill her mind with useless details. Keep her mind focused on the excitement of what you’re planning. (Entertain her!) No one likes to know about all the preparation that goes into a concert – people just come to see the show! Make the arrangements, necessary phone calls, deposits and hush up. All she wants to know is that you’re both going (to do something; go somewhere); not how you planned it, the obstacles it took make that reservation, etc. Leave only the exciting aspect of what you’re (planning) open to discussion. “Honey, guess where we’re I’m taking you this weekend?” (And then, don’t tell her!)
  • SurpriseDon’t tell her of your plans to take her somewhere or what you’re going to give her … Keep it a surprise every time! You can tell her, “Dress for tropical weather!” Or, “Bring a jacket, we’ll be outdoors tonight …”
  • Passion & Affection — Showing your love in a passionate, affectionate way, most often (without sex) goes a long way to winning her heart.

Pretty simple when you put it like this, huh? What do you think? Can we add to this list of romantic qualities, or does this really say it all in a small heart-shell?

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