Have you been hooking up? Know anyone who’s been hooking up? Gals, if hooking up isn’t working well for you, well, here’s what to do and think about before hooking up the next time you’re presented with the opportunity.

  • You can help yourself and your fellow sisters put an end to the hookup culture by not participating in it. Just say, “No,” or “Sure, we can hook up. What are you doing NEXT YEAR!” Seriously, men are only acting like animals because you’re not keeping them in their cages obeying your commands. Damn that sexual revolution and all those bra-burning feminists who say it’s okay to smoke and drink like the boys. Well, now that you have all this freedom, how’s it workin’ for ya? Statistics show more women get depressed after a fast one-night fling versus guys. Guys smile, girls frown. Why is that?
  • So what if they call you a prude; many people are. Ask adults and they’ll say that they abstain from having sex to protect their emotions, their hearts, their bodies and their bank accounts! PRUDE really means, “I’m PReserving my body for someone I love. That’s not rUDE, it’s just my attitUDE.” End of story. Next. Put a man in his place on the spot if he calls you the next day wanting to spend time with you. I bet he will even after you said, “No.” In fact, 90% will. Why? You gave him a challenge he can’t back down on. He wants to know why you won’t sleep with him, if you’ll engage in the conversation. Otherwise, if you caved and went to bed with him that first night, what are the chances he’ll call you the next day? 10%? The surveys are verifiable.
  • What’s done is done if you did it. Not to worry, hopefully. You’re safe, still in good health and not pregnant. Oh, I bet you won’t do that again.
  • Secretly, he feels just as creepy and his guilty conscious) wishes you hadn’t caved to his wants and desires.
  • Don’t look back, look forward. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you. Learn from this mistake. Grow wiser and sharper.
  • You’re allowed to want more than just a quick fling or one-night stand. You’re allowed to have a relationship. Either follow up or ask the nicest guy at the party who saw what happened. Give him the chance to treat you right, and in front of the dude who did you wrong.
  • If someone calls you for another roll in the hay, you can say, “Hey, hold on …”, and set the phone down for him to listen to dead air while you blow dry your hair. That should send a firm signal not to call you ever again.
  • Just because you had your heart broken doesn’t mean there isn’t a good guy right around the corner ready to pick you up and treat you right. He’s out there.
  • It’s okay to have values, morals and to live your life by them. Tough, if some guy doesn’t get it. He probably doesn’t get a lot of things. Not the kind of guy you want in your life. “Bye!”
  • See your doctor immediately after having sex of any kind with a total stranger (guy or girl). Make sure you’re clean as a whistle and free from any diseases the other person might carry. Who knows who he/she has slept with. You owe yourself that important checkup. Then, get another check up six months later to be sure about results. How’d you do? Clean bill of health? Great, now, STAY THAT WAY. Don’t have sex with any more strangers. Your life, your health, your body, your future babies are on the line. Don’t throw your life away for any more one night flings.
  • Never let anyone tell you what to do, who to be, or where you want to go in your life. It’s no one’s business except yours. They don’t own you. If they keep giving your problems, just invoice them. Send them a bill for $100 to shut them up. Next time, it’s $500, then $1,000. Seriously. People RUN from people and companies they want to avoid where money is owed.
  • Loving someone should never leave you feeling empty or alone. If you have those feelings, leave the relationship pronto and don’t look back.
  • You are not selfish for leaving a dead-end, abusive relationship. Instead, you’re a brainiac and super smart. Way to go. Good job. Hit the road if that guy is a loser. Time to celebrate. Call your girlfriends and have a “I JUST DUMPED A LOSER PARTY!” (Guys, I don’t have to tell you to party if you leave a b.i.t.*.*.)
  • If you sense something is wrong, chances are, they probably are and you should do something about it immediately.
  • You have the right to block numbers from caller or someone who text you that you don’t want to hear from them. You could create automatic email and text message to this effect: “YOUR MESSAGE WAS NOT SENT. THERE WAS A TECHNICAL CORRUPTION THAT PREVENTED YOUR MESSAGE FROM GOING THROUGH. YOUR PHONE IS NOW BLOCKED FOR 24 HOURS FROM SENDING MESSAGES TO THIS NUMBER. That will cause someone to wonder what’s up? Just copy/paste this message every time a loser texts you. Another great tip is to give his phone number to a guy you trust, like a brother, uncle, etc. When the loser hears another guy’s voice, it should discourage future communication. I’ve made a few calls to guys in my lifetime on behalf of women who couldn’t stop a guy who was harassing her. Works like a charm.
  • If you’re not treated with respect from the get go, let go, and get away from that person. They don’t deserve you.
  • All bad feelings and experiences eventually fade. Keep your eye on the future and what you want to do with your life. Buckle down and devote time to your passion, education, etc. until all you can think about is victory and crossing the line of success in your life. That ought to attract some new great people into it. Successful people like hanging around with other successful people.
  • You’re allowed to forgive and best of all FORGET whatever happened to you that you wished had never happened. Forgive whoever’s involved that did you wrong and wish them well, if appropriate, and hope they learn from their mistakes such as hitting a patch of black ice at a high speed and doing 45 spins only to come out safe, and with a whole new lease on life. “OMG, I’m sorry for the harm I’ve caused people. Thank you for giving me a second chance to live. Cross my heart, I will be good to people!”
  • “No,” is your favorite word, and you use it whenever it serves you best. No negotiations.
  • “I’ll wait,” is your favorite phrase, which you use a lot when dating men now.
  • “Great!” is your response when these men say they’ll wait in order to get to know you.
  • “Bye!” is another favorite one word answer to those guys who aren’t willing to wait!

These are my thoughts on the matter for you. What are yours? I’d love to hear them.


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