Seriously, guys, pay close attention to this list. These are the tall tail signs your gal is NOT marriage material. Maybe later, if she chooses to work on a the issues you’ve identified with her, but not right now. What do you think about this list? Gals, what do you think? True? Know anyone like I describe below? Let me know in the comments section below.

  • She a little too uptight, takes life too seriously, and is just a fireball of pent up female emotions that are just too hot for you to (want to) handle. Let alone, she’s not or cannot be flexible or giving on the important issues that affect you both. Wow, let the comet keep flying by!
  • She’s clingy and dependent; unable to make a decision on her own and consults you on every little thing, which can be annoying after awhile.
  • She doesn’t bring much to the table in regards to income, education, or ambition to improve herself or grow intellectually, skill-wise, etc. You can’t tow the line (i.e., paying for every expense) full-time without some support. Now, if you’re made of millions, then you still should expect her to bring something of substance to the relationship that meets your needs too.
  • She’s constantly complaining and thinks she can shape you into the person she wants you to be. Ouch! Oh, and “Bye!”
  • She’s controlling and doesn’t trust you. She wants to decide where you go, what you do and who with. In other words, getting together with the guys to watch the Superbowl is out. You can forget about talking to or meeting with any females from your work or female clients. She suspects they have ulterior motives for taking you away from her. Yikes, RUN from this type of gal.
  • She’s irresponsible with money and spends, spends, spends. You’re not made of money, and even if you are, that’s not a healthy person who should be allowed to spend without reason. Need I say more?
  • She wants her own life, space, and the freedom to enjoy it without telling you what she’s up to, where she’s going or who she’s with. Hey, why all the secrets? Marriage is supposed to be a transparent pact between two people.
  • She just wants to marry you for either your money, the status it brings to her, or to get her off the market. She’s tired of dating losers and will date the next sucker who will fall for her fake grace and charm. Don’t be that guy, my friend.
  • She has no hopes and dreams of her own. She has little to no ambition and expects you to make her happy even entertain her. Uh, you’re not her clown. Say, “Goodbye!”
  • She’s never in the mood, has a headache, needs her rest (again), and/or just generally discourages any advances toward intimacy and love making. Wow, talk about your cold fish. Well, you can toss that one back into the water.

As you can imagine, there are other signs women show (or don’t) that prove they are not marriage material or ready for marriage in their current state. Keep your eyes and ears open and watch for patterns. What you might not catch today with those hawk eyes and ears of yours, you might if you take note of what she says/does over time. Keep a mental journal so you can refer to it when she asks you, “Well, are we getting married or not?” You can then play back a series of episodes telling her how her actions force you to say, “I don’t think so. Maybe later, at some point.”

Sure, you could try bringing these issues up with her, and maybe she’ll listen and work hard to improve. If not, then I have a saying that goes like this: “Sometimes we can’t be people’s teachers. We don’t have the time or the resources or the know-how. So, it’s best that we let life be their teacher.” Let her back out into the wild to learn, grow and become a better person … for someone else to catch when she’s eventually ready to enter into a healthy relationship with her chosen one who can appreciate her. Until then, wish her well.


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