In the event she hasn’t already come out with it or dropped little hints on you to marry her like, “When we get married, we can/will …”, then here are a number of signs you better pay close attention to. You don’t want to lose a good thing when it comes knockin’ at your dating door.

  1. If she starts talking about your future together, sure enough, that’s one sign she wants to marry you.
  2. If you hear her talk about all her friends getting married and having kids, and she’s still lagging behind them, then that’s a sign she wants to get married.
  3. If she voluntarily does those things for you that anyone would do for someone they love (i.e., cooking/feeding you, picking up after you in small/caring ways, taking care of you in other ways you find kind and loving, etc.), then you can bet, those are signs she wants to get close to you as a wife and not just your girlfriend!
  4. If she wants to meet and/or do things with your friends/family in a wife role/capacity, then that’s a good sign.
  5. She doesn’t even hesitate when you ask her if she’d like to go steady or even get married one day. That’s a very good sign,.
  6. She’s willing to move where you want and/or support you in the career of your choice even if you need to spend long hours away from her. She’s that supportive, but only as your wife.
  7. She’s openly willing to be the kind of person you can confide in when something cool/funny/good/weird/bad happens. “Honey, you can tell me anything. What you tell me is our secret. I’m all ears, and I’m all yours!”
  8. You hear her talk about her friends complaining about their significant others and she just can’t relate. She tells you you’re everything she’s ever wanted in a boyfriend, ‘er, husband (to be).
  9. You find she’s happily eager to be your biggest fan and supports you in anything you want to do and stands behind you all the way. All she wants is for you to include her in it, either on the sidelines as a fan or in the actual game/activity with you. She just wants to be with you!
  10. She has her own life outside of your relationship, which gives you the free time you need to spend time alone or with your buds. What’s great is she encourages you to do so whenever you need it.
  11. Similarly, she knows when you’re busy and need to focus, so she’s quick to wish you well and leave you alone. “Enjoy your work, honey!”, or “C’mon kids, Dad has to get his work done so we can all go to the beach this weekend.”
  12. Just when you think you’ve misjudged her, she comes right back in pleasant ways that tell you she’s deeper and more self-reliant than you know, as she says something like, “Honey, I took care of what was bothering me, but was so glad you were there when/if I needed you.”

These aren’t the only signs, my friend. I have 10 MORE SIGNS she wants to marry you inside my book, FIND THE ONE FOR ME.


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