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With all of Bart’s books, he shares his outlooks on life, experiences, romantic philosophies, research and sharp observations in the areas of experiencing healthy, loving and happy relationships. His intent? To encourage men and women to seek out the same and achieve higher levels of optimism in finding love and that there really is someone out there for everyone!

Bart believes that with the right preparation, vision, optimism, boundaries/patience, activity, and communication, singles using the principles found inside his books will be extremely surprised how their newly acquired dating and relationship skills and the art of FINDING THE ONE for them to love and be loved will flow more easily for them. For more than two decades, Bart continues to hold true to these very ideals. “I’m not telling you how you should live, per se. Instead, I’m just sharing how I live, what works for me, how I think, and what’s on my mind and in my heart when it comes to topics related to dating, sex, relationships, and marriage.”

He’s also witnessed significant improvement in the lives of so many he has spent time with, whether it be one-on-one or in group format. Bart’s content is grounded in real life experience, authentic human response, personal standards of conduct and fantasy acquisition with mutual cooperation and to all those things that make men and women go, “Oh, yeah … Bart’s take on life and how he thinks about love and relationships is amazing!”

His books are written to help take you to a whole new level in your heart, life and mind that you’ve never seen or experienced before.

Bart Smith
Find The One For Me
251+ Dating & Relationship Regrets
Laws Of The Bedroom
Watch Out Ladies
Who’s Hungry?
B.S. The Book
… and many more!

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