As you both progress through your relationship together, here’s what you might be looking for to tell if the ONE you’re with is the “FOREVER KIND” of person to … take the distance!

  1. Minimal to no drama, arguing or major disagreements. Sure, some disagreements are bound to come up, but you’re both dedicated to each other to sit down, talk things out, listen extremely well and both shoot for a resolution that you both can agree to. Then, you move on, back to having fun and enjoying each other being together.
  2. You’re both able to grow as individuals as you simultaneously grow more together as a couple.
  3. You see eye to eye with how you’d like your relationship to grow into the future. That goes for where you might live together, whether to have children or not, how you’ll handle money matters, etc.
  4. You’re not afraid to talk about your goals or express concerns when they arise. A real couple knows if one has to communicate with the other, it can be done in the open and they each take turns listening while allowing the other person to finish speaking what’s on his/her mind, and are in each other’s corner, always. With time, patience, and understanding, things work themselves out to their satisfaction.
  5. In time, something inside tells you intuitively that you know you’ve found someone special and who might be the “ONE!” Spending time with this person becomes easier and more frequent with every passing day/week/month.
  6. As you learn about each other’s flaws, you don’t let them deter you or bring you down. That is, unless they’re physically or mentally damaging to your heart, mind and/or body. You recognize that it’s those innocent imperfections that make you grow to love the person more. Being human is focusing on the good in each other and being willing to work out any issues in the relationship as it continues to grow. With any smooth sailing boat, there are bound to be a few rogue waves on the water of life and love. Not to worry, hold on tight, talk things out and you’ll make it just fine.
  7. Your intimate moments spent together start tugging at your heart strings and taking over your mind by sending warm vibrations throughout your body everytime you think of them, whether in person or when you’re away from him/her for the day or night.
  8. You’re beginning to think that you can actually feel and hear what your honey thinks and wants to do with you when you’re together, even if it’s not verbally expressed. You’re both able to step inside his/her mind to understand how they’re feeling whether it’s joy, sadness, happiness, stress, or concern.
  9. You feel secure knowing that he/she is looking out for you, thinks of you often, and can’t wait to see you again. Which means when you ask for alone time, you both know that having your own space or time out with friends can be good for a relationship. Trust is paramount and a priority.
  10. You respect each other’s differences and opinions, although you strive to become one with them as time grows on. Couples can be all over the board in their thoughts and ideas, but no two people ever make a perfect couple, well, maybe a few out there do. Where are they? You’re looking for more of what makes you the same and appreciate what makes you different and honor those differences.
  11. Neither of you ever uses a threatening word, tone or disrespects your new love with your words or actions. This behavior is unacceptable and your goal is never to hurt, harm, or demean anyone (or allow it happen to you). THE LAW: Everyone’s happy, respected, supported, lifted up and cherished, or you know where the door is and so does he/she.
  12. Each of you takes responsibility for your actions and sincerely offers apologies when needed. “Honey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to …” works magic when spoken with kindness and sincerity.
  13. You both know and love that you complete each other because you each strive to give the person what is needed in the relationship and vice versa. One person may be the extrovert, while the other is an introvert. One may be social, while the other is not. Soulmates are often attracted to their opposites, but also complement each other and help one another in ways where self-help doesn’t always work especially when single or alone. Hurray, for coupling up!
  14. You, as an individual, are in charge of defending your own heart and body so follow your intuition carefully to be sure you are trusting your instincts or heartfelt feelings that might come to you throughout your relationship. They are to be your sight much of the time, if not, most of the time. Check in, “How am I feeling about this relationship? Going well? Going forward? Struggling? Not getting along? Anything that can be improved, worked on or abandoned to improve the odds for happiness and contentment?
  15. Does the bond of growing closer together happen as you confide more and more in one another with what’s on your mind or going on in your life or something you notice about the other person? It should.
  16. Neither of you are pushing too hard in any one area of the relationship, which allows it to grow naturally and takes its own course without pressure.
  17. Physically, you’re getting closer, sparks are flying when you’re making those intimate bonds of love and making love.
  18. With time, you soon start thinking about building a future and growing old together a lot? That is provided he/she doesn’t have any abusive tendencies, substance addictions, or other negative traits that would make you stop the train and get off before it goes any further down the tracks.

How’s this list so far? Sound pretty right on? I have another 10 signs you should be looking out for that will also tell you if the ONE you’re with is the “FOREVER KIND” of person to … pledge your love and life to. Be sure to check it out!


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