Home Relationship Advice Law Of The Bedroom #84 : Learn The Art of Giving Gifts & The Meaning Behind The Different Colors Of Roses
Law Of The Bedroom #84 : Learn The Art of Giving Gifts & The Meaning Behind The Different Colors Of Roses

Law Of The Bedroom #84 : Learn The Art of Giving Gifts & The Meaning Behind The Different Colors Of Roses


My heart to you is given: Oh, do give yours to me; We’ll lock them
up together, and throw away the key. — Frederick Saunders

Even on a small budget, you can always find ways to give your love something romantic. For some, I can appreciate that the buying of a special gift for her can be as traumatic as the presentation. Choose an item that is unique, something she’d be proud to show to her friends because she will. If gift wrapping is not your expertise, get help from the store where you purchased the item. The wrapping should make a statement and be as important as the surprise inside. Give with the unselfish motive that you expect nothing in return that allows her to surprise you. I’m sure she’ll think of something.

What should you buy? You are racking your brains with what to buy and can you afford it. If you need suggestions, ask her friends or family for tips. Avoid practical gifts. If you need a new toaster, then buy it. I don’t recommend that you wrap it up with a bow and say, “This is for you honey because I love you!” Always buy quality. No matter how big or small, do remove all price tags because what you want her to focus on is the though and time you put into selecting just the right thing for her. Why not write a love poem or note to go along with or as a replacement for a store bought card. Be original and write something meaningful. When buying a card, pick out a few more for future expressions of your love. Now, how thoughtful is that? Finally, give some thought to how you will present your gift under the moonlight, by candlelight, riding up on a white horse, you get the idea. It becomes all about the presentation!

Plan ahead. You may wish to buy something that needs engraving and that can take a few days time. Spend time picking out the gift for her, build it up, possibly with her favorite soaps, wine, or CD. Suppose you are away on business, send her a personalized post card or say it with flowers to let her know that you are thinking of her. Make gift-giving look effortless to her eyes and ultimately joyful to her experience.

Remember flower-mandatory holidays. These include Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and other like occasions. If you can’t get by the flower shop, send them ASAP via FTD.com, FromYouFlowers.com, ProFlowers.com, or 1800Flowers.com,  and place the order online. Ask for advice on what’s in season. You are guaranteed to get the best prices. Express yourself with a creative, colorful selection! It’s not the bouquet that will make her smile. It will be your gesture.

Different Colors Of Roses Mean Different Things/Messages

Roses are a safe bet for most women. However, why not send her the ones that have special significance for her or the two of you. For example:

  • Burgundy colored roses convey unconscious beauty!”
  • Coral colored roses convey “desire!”
  • Lavender colored roses convey “enchantment and love at first sight!
  • The Leaves of a rose represent hope!”
  • Orange colored roses convey fascination!”
  • Pale colored roses represent friendship!”
  • Dark Pink colored roses convey admiration and thanks!”
  • Light pink roses convey perfect happiness, joy and grace!”
  • Red roses convey sincere love, passion and respect!”
  • Red buds represent pure and lovely!”
  • Single rose means “I love you!” … You’re special to me!”
  • Tea roses say “I still love you!”
  • White always represents loyalty, innocence, purity and platonic love!”
  • White buds convey messages of “too young for love and girlhood!
  • Yellow says “friendship and joy!
  • Yellow roses with red tips indicate a “friendship falling into love!

This is an excerpt right out of my book, LAWS OF THE BEDROOM: What Women Want From Men Inside & Outside Of The Bedroom. Pick it up if you don’t have your own copy, or listen to audio version of this book. I recorded it myself. You’ll love it. Everyone does.

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Check out some of Bart's books on business, motivation, networking, coaching, checklists, and personal development.

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