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LADIES: 16 Signs He’s REALLY Interested In You, Just In Case You’re Wondering

LADIES: 16 Signs He’s REALLY Interested In You, Just In Case You’re Wondering


So, you want to know gals if the guy you’re seeing is really interested in you? Sometimes you don’t pick up on clues us guys are into you. So, here are some of them. I’ve got another 10 of them in my book, FIND THE ONE FOR ME, by the way, if you’re interested.

  1. He’s stopped seeing/dating other women, rarely talks to them anymore, and spends most of his time with you, talking to you and doing things together. Literally, that “together” sign shows that he’s really interested in you.
  2. When he’s away from you, he checks in often, even daily.
  3. You’ve been talking about the future and he has no problem contributing that that conversation; shows real interest.
  4. He doesn’t hide you from his friends or family and wants them to know you and appreciate you as much as he does.
  5. He talks about getting married even loves the idea; sees a future with you.
  6. He’s interested in moving in together. That’s a big step for guys, and if you read the rules about (Marriage vs. Living Together) in this section, know what his intentions are.
  7. He does things with you because he wants to spend his time with you more than anyone else in his life.
  8. He treats you right because he doesn’t want to lose you. He’s well-mannered, thinks of you first, behaves himself and is committed to taking care of himself for both of you.
  9. He tries not to make mistakes and if he does, he’s quick to apologize and make amends; accepts responsibility.
  10. He initiates opportunities to be with you and do things for you even before you have to ask.
  11. You are now a priority in his life as he thinks about and prepares to build a future with you.
  12. He makes changes in his life, even certain sacrifices, to accommodate you and to bring you closer to him.
  13. He doesn’t see you as just someone he’s dating any more. He thinks of you in a more serious light.
  14. He makes the effort to understand your emotional, physical and other needs without you having to tell him.
  15. He does things (with action, not words) to keep you happy and interested in him for your continued togetherness.
  16. He’s treating you like his wife by sharing everything with you, even doing your laundry with his.

Do you agree with this list? Let me know. Check out my book, FIND THE ONE FOR ME, as I have 10 MORE SIGNS gals should know about when their guy is really interested in them. They’re good ones too! For example, #18 He’s eager to introduce you to everyone as his _______. Oh, you’ll have to read the book to find out!

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