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10 Facts About Love & Attachment To Remember Going Into Any Relationship

10 Facts About Love & Attachment To Remember Going Into Any Relationship


Are you in a relationship or about to enter one? Keep these things in mind so your relationship is built on a foundation of love that’s the right kind and not the wrong kind.

  1. Love grows someone; attachment smothers.
  2. Love has no ego; whereas attachment thrives on ego.
  3. Love is an emotion of strong attraction; attachment does not have to be reciprocal.
  4. Love is everlasting; attachment is transient.
  5. Love is forever; attachment is temporary.
  6. Love is security; attachment is an add-on or extension of a personality largely to impress. Unhealthy, so, “Bye!”
  7. Love is selfless; whereas attachment is always selfish.
  8. Love is unconditional; attachment is a need for someone to fill a void in one’s life. Not good. Say, “goodbye.”
  9. Love lets you trust and believe; attachment carries with it insecurities and uncertainty.
  10. Love liberates and frees; attachment controls.

What are your thoughts on love and attachment? Feel free to share them with me below.

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